Warehousing and Storage Services

Warehousing and Storage Services Provide storage services for companies or corporate assets. This includes parts, equipment, products and perishable goods. This usually includes managing and distributing inventory. Storage can be temporary or on a long-term contract.

The proper inventory storage and tracking ensures on-time delivery and reduces asset management costs with the most comprehensive network.

We offer our customers flexible storage options with excellent warehousing facilities. Our warehouse facilities are fully equipped to handle bulk goods, including other requirements. We can also handle in-stock items, packages, crates, bags and much more. Our warehouses are well maintained, and spacious provide complete product safety. Keep the product in perfect condition and prevent any damage. Our warehouses are ready to serve all over the country. Our expert freight forwarders ensure the best care is taken while delivering the goods to the warehouse and ensure the stored goods are taken care of intact.

We provide the right storage solution for your business:

  • Full pick-and-pack operation
  • Order quantity optimization
  • Security/minimum/maximum stock determination
  • Consignment inventory management
  • Return management with the RMA module
  • Lead time analysis

Our warehouse and storage service:

Short-term and long-term storage: You can store your items for as long as you want. You must select one of the designated amenities. Whether it is a short-term or long-term storage facility, you can store your items for a month or a year or longer. Our staff can provide you with both types of storage.

Industrial warehouse: Industrial items are different from household items and take up more space than household items. We offer ample storage space and even have containers to keep industrial goods safe for as long as you need them.

Household storage: We provide warehouse space to store all your household items such as furniture, electronics. You can keep all or part of your household items in our warehouses. And you can also use a storage place to store your car.